Why seek massage therapy? Releasing tight muscles, breaking up adhesions in the muscle fibers, and encouraging blood flow in order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tight, overworked muscles while also eliminating acids and waste products accumulated there can all help in the overall wellness of one’s body and can be essential to living a more pain free life. Whether you participate in endurance activities, such as distance running or cycling, high intensity sports like CrossFit, contact sports like football and soccer, lifelong sports like golf and tennis, outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, or just enjoy exercise or weight lifting for overall health, massage may help ensure you can continue to do what you love. Massage therapy can be enjoyable, relaxing, renewing and beneficial!

Whatever your reason for seeking massage therapy in Fredericksburg, there is likely a modality that will help you. Communicate your needs with me, and I will try my best to ensure you get the type of massage you need.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu is an advanced type of therapy. In this technique, I use my body weight and various surfaces of my feet to deliver deep tissue massage strokes and compressions to release tightly held and adhered muscles and fibers.  While Ashiatsu can include an entire body session, it is best at targeting tightness in the posterior chain muscles of the back, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves.  I reserve this massage for the larger,  densely framed, or muscular individual who prefers (or requires) the deepest of deep tissue massages to achieve relief from tightly bound muscles.

I am formally trained by the Center for Barefoot Massage and one of the few providers of Ashiatsu in Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Swedish Massage

I recommend this type of massage for almost anybody in Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country.  In addition to just being relaxing, it addresses general body tension. It involves effleurage strokes along muscle fibers, and kneading to break up adhesions and scar tissue. It can include the full-body, from the larger muscles of the back to the delicate muscles of the hands, forearms, and neck.  It can include the lateral and anterior neck muscles, such as the scalenes and sternocleidomastoid, to the muscles of the face and jaw.  Additionally, I can address the quadriceps, hamstrings and deeper muscles, such as the piriformis (often responsible for sciatic or low back pain), and I can target trigger points found throughout the body held within dense muscles, like the quadratus lumborum to smaller muscles, like the infraspinatus of the rotator cuff and fine muscles, like those of the suboccipitals, which can be responsible for headaches and migraines.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is more intense than the Swedish Massage but not as deep as Ashiatsu Massage. I recommend longer sessions or focusing only on trouble areas to accommodate having to work slower while massaging more deeply through the muscles to achieve the muscular release and relief that is the goal.  This method should release tension held deep in the muscles and connective tissue, with targeted trigger point therapy to reduce the discomfort associated with painful knots.

My objective is to bring recovery and relief to my clients through massage therapy.

Clinical Environment

My professional office is in a clinical environment in the Texas Hill Country. The Fredericksburg medical community recognizes and realizes the benefit and importance of massage therapy and encourages it. Mainstream healthcare now embraces massage therapy.

I am located upstairs above a physician’s office at 200 W. Windcrest, near Hill Country Memorial Hospital in the Fredericksburg Medical Community.


Whether you are a resident of Fredericksburg, and the Texas Hill Country, a visitor to Fredericksburg or live somewhere in the great Texas Hill Country, I hope to be of service to you.


30 Minutes – $42.00
60 minutes $80.00
90 Minutes $115.00
2 hours $150.00
90 minute Ashiatsu – $135.00
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